Public opinion, ONE SHOT AT A TIME.


May 1-12, 2023



We provide exceptional training in survey research theory and analysis. At the center of the program, is the conception, fielding, and analysis by participants of a public opinion survey on the most urging issues of the time designed in collaboration with the Angus Reid Institute. 

The Angus Reid Institute brings its expertise of the most recent and best practices in the industry and administers the survey developed by the participants.

Shachi Kurl, President
Angus Reid Institute
Demetre Eliopoulos, Senior VP
Research, Angus Reid Group


in-person courses

Survey Research and Methods

In this 1st course, participants will learn methods for conducting public opinion survey, elaborating questionnaires and survey experiment, the ethics of survey research, theories and state of public opinion in substantive policy areas.

During the 2 weeks, participants will undertake all the necessary stages required to undertake a public opinion survey, from the selection of research questions and topics to cover, to the development of survey questions, their programming, analysis, and their public communication.

Survey Data Analysis

In this 2nd course, participants will learn the main steps for analyzing quantitative survey data, from data preparation and visualization, to univariate, bivariate, and multivariate statistics. Participants will learn to analyze data with the statistical software Stata.

This program is tailored for professionals and graduate students who want to acquire skills in survey research. Over the two weeks, participants will acquire the necessary knowledge to conduct and analyze their own survey.

The Microprogram in Survey Research and Public Opinion attracts professional candidates working particularly in the fields of civil service, public policy, and market research.

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Benjamin Ferland

Director of the Canadian Candidates Survey, Ben has conducted multiple citizens and political elites surveys for studying political behaviors.

Ben teaches the French section.

Dan and Ben are exceptional trainers having supervised dozens of students over the years and written books on survey analysis.

Daniel Stockemer

Director of the Konrad Adenauer Research Chair in Empirical Democracy Studies, Dan is a renowned expert on populism and radical right attitudes.

Dan teaches the English section.

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*** Registration ends on April 24

Please select the option that applies to you. In any case, please book your place in contacting Prof. Ferland.


uOttawa students

Through uoZone in March. Standard UO tuition fees apply.

Students from other universities in Ontario

Through the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Program. Home university fees apply.

Students from other Canadian or international universities

Through the special students procedure.


Students without credits

Registration link – 1,300 CAD


Registration link – 3,000 CAD

*** Every student will be charged an additional $100 at the beginning of the program for some lunches/dinners and social activities. Housing is not included in the cost of the program.

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